Woman Claims Tinder Match Shamed Her For Not Sleeping With Him On First Date

Credit: @madi_bby95/Instagram

A woman has claimed that a Tinder match shamed her for not sleeping with him on the first date. 

Madison, from Indiana, shared a series of TikTok clips in which she revealed how she’d been talking to the guy for about three weeks before they met up.

She captioned the original post: “He’s saying because we met on Tinder I’m required to have sex with him.”

Woman Shares Disturbing Reason She Refuses To Leave The Table On A First Date

A woman has claimed that her Tinder match shamed her for not sleeping with him on the first date. Credit: @madi_bby95/Instagram

According to the 25-year-old, the man arranged to take her out for dinner but when he came to pick her up, he said it would be a better idea to watch a movie at his place instead.

Madison told BuzzFeed that understandably, she began to feel uncomfortable at this point, especially as he encouraged her to drink alcohol – knowing she was a recovered alcoholic.

Later on, she claimed he began to get frustrated with her and told her that if she didn’t want to ‘f***,’ she shouldn’t be on a dating app like Tinder.

He fumed: “That’s how adults date on Tinder. They don’t use Tinder to date, they use Tinder to f***.”

In response, Madison told the guy that if he felt this way, he should have made it clear on his profile.

Mindblowingly, he replied: “If you say that, then you’re not going to get any Tinder match-ups!”

During their heated debate, Madison informed the man that he was projecting ‘toxic masculinity’ but he refused to accept this.

“It’s f***ing reality. Wake up,” he ranted. “I’m trying to help you. Yes! I’m trying to save you from any more of this.”

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In one of the several follow-ups, Madison confirmed that she managed to leave the man’s property safely.

She said: “I was sitting because I felt safer to not try to get up and leave while he was standing up like that, but once he sat down, that’s when I decided to get up and leave.

“I got out safely and took an Uber back home.”

She then added that when she’d made her Tinder account, she’d written ‘Not here for hookups’ in her bio.

Madison commented:  “We had been talking for three weeks over Tinder, never talked about hooking up or anything like that.

“He was super respectful, so the whole situation sent me.”

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