Woman Finds A Rare Crystal That Looks Like Giant Piece Of Fried Chicken Tender

A woman in Indiana has discovered a rare chunk of crystal that resembles a giant piece of a fried chicken tender which bizarrely, has had people licking their lips. 

Amelia Rude runs a gemstone jewellery business called Unbeadable Energies, alongside her boyfriend. Based at her home in Indiana, she enjoys crafting individual bracelets for each customer and amongst her large collection of 700 crystals, she now has one she’s dubbed her “chicken tender”.

Amused by her finding, Amelia decided to post a photo of her Kentucky fried crystal onto social media and it wasn’t long before the post went viral.

She posted the finding on a subpage of Reddit called Forbidden Snacks and captioned the post: “Forbidden Fried Chicken (it’s calcite)”.

Forbidden Fried Chicken (it’s calcite) from forbiddensnacks

The 20-year-old thought it would be amusing to see if people actually thought it was a piece of fried chicken, after all, people have been things far less convincing!

Whilst going viral on Reddit, the picture of the crystal quickly became popular on Twitter too.

One person shared the post, writing: “CRYSTAL THAT LOOKS LIKE CHICKEN TENDER ALERT.”

It wasn’t long before the post garnered 52,000 retweets and 281,000 likes from others who found it hilarious too.

Within the space of two days, Amelia was surprised to find that fried chicken crystal was all over social media platforms. Amongst the comments expressing how funny they found it, the woman found that many were keen to learn more about the crystal.

Eager to share her knowledge, Amelia explained: “It’s a calcium carbonate cluster! There are two varieties: calcite and aragonite. A simple vinegar or HCl test would determine which one it is, but I’m hesitant to erode its natural crispy beauty.”

Apparently, the business owner has commented that this isn’t the first that she has discovered a crystal that resembles a piece of food. Yet she has confirmed that of all of them, this crystal, in particular, does look like a piece of tender crispy chicken.

Although it’s amassed such interest through social media, Amelia has explained that she would probably only make around $30 from the extra special crystal.

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Written by Aimee Walker

Aimee is a senior content editor at IGV who specialises in finding the best original stories, trending topics and entertainment news. She graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Media and Communications.