Woman Who Was Fired For Saying Trans Women Are ‘Male’ Or ‘Honorary Female’ Wins High Court Appeal

A woman who was fired for saying trans women are ‘male’ or ‘honorary female’ has won a High Court appeal after appealing against the employment tribunal.  
Credit: Pexel & Sky News

A woman who was fired for saying trans women are ‘male’ or ‘honorary female’ has won a High Court appeal.

Maya Forstater’s contract with Centre for Global Development (CGD) wasn’t renewed after she shared her thoughts on the Gender Recognition Act and how she believes transgender people cannot change their biological status, reports The Times

But according to Sky News, High Court judge Justice Chowdhury said the company had ‘erred in law’ and he has made the decision to overrule the first tribunal. 

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On June 10, the judge declared that Ms Forstater’s views ‘must be tolerated in a pluralistic society’. 

“This judgment does not mean that those with gender-critical beliefs can ‘mis-gender’ trans persons with impunity,” Chowdhury pointed out, reports the BBC. “The claimant, like everyone else, will continue to be subject to the prohibitions on discrimination and harassment that apply to everyone else.”

He then acknowledged that ‘some trans people will be disappointed by this judgement’.

After hearing the verdict, Ms Forstater commented: “I am delighted to have been vindicated. I lost my job simply for expressing a view that is true and important, and held by the great majority of people in this country: sex matters.

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“Being a woman is a material reality. It is not a costume or a feeling. Institutions that pretend sex doesn’t matter become hostile places for women, in particular.

“After this judgment, employers and service-providers that ignore sex and silence women who object, need to consider whether they are acting unlawfully, and the substantial legal risks they face if they do not change their approach.”

However, not everyone is overjoyed at the results of the trial. A representative for CGD described the ruling as ‘disappointing and surprising’. 

Since the verdict has been declared, JK Rowling, who opposes transgender activism, has shared her support for Ms Forstater. According to The Times, she sent the woman a message of congratulations. 

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