Woman Admits She’s Spent Five Years Getting Revenge On Her Ex And He’s Clueless

A woman has admitted that she’s spent the past five years getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend and he’s completely clueless. 
Credit: @kristinamakescontent/TikTok

A woman has admitted that she’s spent the past five years getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend, and he’s completely clueless. 

A TikTok user, named Kristina, took to the social media platform to confess that, although it’s ‘something incredibly immature,’ she will ‘never stop’ doing it. 

In the clip, she explained: “Ever since my ex and I broke up in 2016, I’ve had a very interesting tactic for revenge. 

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The woman has admitted she’s spent the past five years getting revenge on ex. Credit: @kristinamakescontent/TikTok

“My revenge comes in the form of an email newsletter.”

She continued: “If I’m in an airport and I need an email to use their wifi, I give them his. 

“If I want to read an article but they need an email, I send them his.”

Kristina then went on to confess that she’s also been signing up to updates on any ‘events happening,’ if she’s asked by a company. 

So basically, whenever there’s a mailing list or subscription service available, she will fill in his details. 

At the end of the clip, she added: “And I literally will never stop doing it.”

So far, the post has racked up 4.5million views, with thousands taking to the comments to share their thoughts on Kristina’s actions. 

@kristinamakescontent##stitch with @andpacker omg so random of me can’t believe I just did that (but srsly it’s actually quite annoying) ##storytime ##exes ##spammail ##idk♬ original sound – Kristina Makes Content 💁🏻‍♀️

One viewer said: “Okay, which one of my exes did this to me? I’m blocking emails daily and still get more the next day.”

Another commented: “Totally psycho but so impressive to have a diabolical mind like this.”

“I don’t even want to do this for revenge, I just want to do this to save my inbox,” a third joked. 

However, others were curious as to why the TikToker thought her ex needed revenge after so much time had passed. 

A person asked: “Girl, what did he do that you’re still mad about five years later?”

“You are still doing that five years later? Wow! You are still obsessed with him then,” a second pointed out.

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