Woman Had No Idea She Was Pregnant With TRIPLETS Until She Went Into Labour

A woman had no idea that she was pregnant with TRIPLETS until she went into labour. She insists she was still having periods and losing weight. 

Danette Glitz, from South Dakota, had no idea that she was pregnant with triplets until she went into labour. On the day, she experienced some back pain and she convinced herself she must have kidney stones. Yet when she arrived at the hospital they told her that wasn’t the case, she was about to go into labour and there would be multiple babies. Danette was gobsmacked.

During her pregnancy with the triplets, the 31-year-old didn’t have a bump and if anything, felt that she was losing weight. Plus, she was still having periods.

Credit: Danette Glitz

Danette told The Sun: “Three days earlier, everything has been totally normal. It was such a busy day, I barely had time to think.”

Already being a mum of two, Danette was at the supermarket where she worked when she began to experience what she assumed must be kidney stone pain. As she’d experienced it before, she thought if she drank cranberry juice, it would help to ease the pain.

However, other staff soon began to pick up that something wasn’t quite right as Danette sat quiet and tearful, not at all like her usual self. Yet she told herself, she just had to get through the day and everything would be okay.

So the next morning when the pain was still there, Danette and partner, Austin, decided to head to the clinic as she found she couldn’t even get out of bed. It was there that the question of her being pregnant finally was raised.

Credit: Danette Glitz

She said: “Austin and I looked at each other and laughed. We’d been told by a doctor we couldn’t have any more kids, so hadn’t used protection for years.

“We had our girl and boy, we were done.”

At that point, even the doctors were just trying to rule out everything possible. But when the doctor came back in the room, she confirmed that Danette was pregnant.

Thinking she couldn’t possibly be more surprised, Danette underwent an ultrasound and was told that there was more than one baby, she was going to be having twins and soon – she was already in labour.

Credit: Danette Glitz

She said: “My mind went blank. I looked over at Austin who was in complete shock. This cannot be happening.

“But as the pain intensified again a small part of my brain thought she must be right. There were two babies coming.”

As she and Austin travelled to the nearest hospital, Danette felt a hundred thoughts rushing through her mind. Just the previous month she had attended a party and had had quite a few drinks, she’d been carting heavy furniture around and being going on long drives. She was worried this would have hurt the babies.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t given much time to reflect on these thoughts as Danette was told she would have to have a C-section to safely deliver the twins.

Credit: Danette Glitz

She explained: “Rushed into a hospital gown, holding Austin’s hand, I was wheeled into the operating theatre for a C-section.

“‘We can do this,’ Austin said to me, smiling. Let’s just get this done and then we’ll figure out what to do next.’

“All I can do was nod. With a screen up across my stomach, I couldn’t see a thing the doctors were doing.

“‘Here’s the boy’ I heard the doctor say, through the tiny cries. ‘And here’s the girl.’

“Just like that, my twins had been born. I couldn’t believe it. Then everything went quiet.”

Assuming that she now had all her babies, Danette couldn’t believe it when she heard the doctor say that they would need another blanket… for another baby!

She recalled her partner saying that one would have to go back, how could they possibly cope with three babies?

Yet when they saw the babies, the couple felt a wave of relief seeing that they were all safe and well. It had been a completely bizarre day, but she had been grateful that Austin had been by her side.

The couple decided to name their three new babies Blaze, Nikki and Gypsy.

Credit: Danette Glitz


Danette said: “Opening my eyes a few hours later, the shock hit me all over again. Yesterday I’d been a mum-of-two. Today I’d woken up as a mum-of-five.

“Holding the triplets for the first time was incredible. These three tiny babies fitted so easily in my arms.

“They hadn’t had any prenatal vitamins or pregnancy check-ups. But somehow, they were all here and healthy.

“There was no history of triplets or even twins in either of our families. It was a miracle.

“It was wild, returning to our two-bed flat with five children. We needed so much stuff.”

Credit: Danette Glitz

Nine months later and Danette finally feels like there’s some sort of routine in place, an “amazing and exhausting” routine. Nonetheless, she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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