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Woman Left Horrified After ‘£150 Handprint Tattoo’ Disaster

Woman Handprint Tattoo: The TikToker was left horrified when she 'spent £150 on a tattoo of her daughter's handprint'.
Credit: @mamawynter/TikTok

A woman has been left horrified after ‘spending £150 on a tattoo of her daughter’s handprint,’ as it went terribly wrong. 

The unnamed TikToker, who goes by the username @mamawynter, shared a clip of what she actually wanted, alongside what she ended up with.

In the comments section, she said: “I even explained how I wanted them done. I was soo disappointed.

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Handprint tattoo.
The woman wanted a tattoo of her daughter’s handprint but instead, she got this (pictured above). Credit: @mamawynter/TikTok

“I did spend about a week messaging him about what I wanted. I wish he would’ve just been honest.

“He showed me examples of work he had done before. Which then I did learn was a lie.”

To make it even worse, she appeared to show that her partner also got the exact same inking.

When asked if she had bothered to get her’s fixed yet, the woman responded: “Not fixed yet. Trying to find a good artist who doesn’t lie about their skill and quality.”


this is an old tat but it’s very relevant with this sound lol #tattoofail #whatiwantedvswhatigot #tattoogonewrong #fypシ #fyp #AVrboForTogether

♬ original sound – Kneely_Knight

The post has since gone viral and has received hundreds of comments, with one viewer saying: “It’s giving ‘I know someone that’ll do it for $20’ and I’m so sorry about that.”

Another added: “I wish they would just say, ‘Sorry I can’t do that yet,’ instead of tattooing someone.”

Pitching in, a third commented: “Please tell me you didn’t pay the artist…”

“I really hope you get your money back, that’s absolutely terrible,” a fourth wrote.

When someone then suggested that the TikToker hadn’t done her ‘research,’ the woman responded: “I actually did, he lied about his skill and talent and ended up getting shut down via health board. Don’t assume because you make an ass out of you.”

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