Woman Claims She Was ‘Harassed’ And ‘Kicked Off Flight Over Crop Top’

A woman has claimed she was 'harassed' and 'kicked off a flight' as she wore a crop top. 
Credit: @fattrophywife/TikTok

A woman has claimed she was ‘harassed’ and ‘kicked off a flight’ because she was wearing a crop top. 

The TikToker, who goes by the username @fattrophywife, recently shared clips of herself allegedly being escorted off an Alaska Airlines plane by security on the platform.

In the video, she stated: “I’m being harassed and now I’m being detained.

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The woman claimed she was ‘harassed’ and ‘kicked off a flight’ as she wore a crop top. Credit: @fattrophywife/TikTok

“I wore an outfit. That’s what happened.”

The woman explained that it all started when she was on the plane and a flight attendant reportedly approached her and said she needed to cover up her crop top with a shirt.

She added: “And then they approached me again, saying I can’t wear this, my stomach is showing, and it’s inappropriate.”

Apparently, the flight attendant continued to share their disapproval at the TikToker, so @fattropywife said: “If you’re going to kick me off, kick me off.”

@fattrophywife@alaskaair Flight attendant harassed and called the airport police on me for my inappropriate outfit. ##plussize ##plussizeedition ##bbws ##fyp♬ original sound – Trophy

At this point, the police were reportedly called to the scene but they established that the woman hadn’t committed any crimes.

Following the incident, the TikToker showed what her outfit looked like in a follow-up clip.

The woman isn’t the only person to have allegedly been kicked off a flight for wearing ‘inappropriate’ attire.

Recently, an influencer, called Deniz Saypinar, claimed she was banned from a flight as the airline feared her outfit would ‘offend families’.

Taking to social media, the Turkish bodybuilder reportedly said: “They literally didn’t take me to the plane because they said, ‘You’re naked, and you offend other families’.

“I never dress in a way that will offend anyone. I’m mature and civilised enough to know what I can and cannot wear.

“I don’t deserve to be treated like the worst person in the world for wearing denim shorts.”

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