Woman Has Decided To Quit Job At Opticians So She Can Act Like A Dog On OnlyFans

A woman who worked at as an optician for two years has now had a change in career as she’s signed up to adult subscription service OnlyFans, where she claims she now makes a small fortune. 

Jenna Phillips, from Texas, US, had been working as an optician for two years when she decided it would make sense for her to utilise adult subscription service OnlyFans, as she could cash in by fulfilling her followers’ kinky needs – whilst pulling in a six-figure sum each month.

The 21-year-old originally started posted content whilst she was still working; for 18 months, she posted “vanilla content” which would fulfil a general audience.

However, Jenna decided to appeal to a niche audience after encountering two men whilst in Chicago. They told her all about the “pet play scene” and keen to find out further, she decided to do some research.

@yourpuppygirljennaWould you let me on the couch? ##fyp ##foryou ##prank ##lol ##funnyvideos ##viral ##tiktok ##puppylife ##puppydog ##puppycheck ##puppychallenge ##yourpuppygirl♬ original sound – yourpuppygirljenna

As a child, she fondly remembered pretending to be a puppy. Jenna would roll over, fetch balls and in return, she would expect to be called a “good girl”. She has insisted that initially, there was nothing sexual about it all but she simply found it fun to do.

Unlike most in the pet play scene, who prefer to play roles as kittens, foxes or rabbits, Jenna decided she would be a puppy, which is usually is taken on by the man.

Under the name “thatpuppygirl”, Jenna shares content that appeals to those who enjoy kinky pet play videos.

Currently, she charges £16 ($20) a month for subscribers to see her exclusive and uncensored OnlyFans content.

@yourpuppygirljennaWho wants to play fetch? 🎾 ##fyp ##foryou ##prank ##lol ##funnyvideos ##viral ##tiktok ##puppylife ##puppydog ##puppycheck ##puppychallenge ##yourpuppygirl

♬ original sound – yourpuppygirljenna

Since creating content that no other woman has really specialised in before, Jenna has noticed her revenue has dramatically increased and she often makes a six-figure monthly salary.

Most of her earnings come from filming content which has been specifically requested by fans. Some are even willing to pay up to £1,000 ($1,200) for a one-off piece of footage from her.

Although Jenna wants to make sure her followers are enjoying her content and are satisfied with what she provides, she wants people to realise she does have her limits and she will only do what is comfortable for her. Requests such as her interacting with a real dog have been denied.

Even when off-camera, Jenna has admitted to walking around with leash on in public. She insists that she’s never received backlash for her unusual fetish in public but does receive some harsh comments online.

In other news, a Barbie lookalike believes that she’s ‘too hot to work’ and has admitted that she’s achieved her desired look by getting her ex-husband to treat her to £75,000 on plastic surgery. However, she insists that before the surgery she still would receive plenty of male attention and that men often act “crazy” around her.

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