Woman Has Mum Take Pregnancy Test With Her And Discovers She’s Expecting A Sibling

A woman was left gobsmacked when she asked her mum if she would take a pregnancy test with her, as she couldn’t believe it when she found out that she was expecting a sibling instead of a baby of her own. 

TikTok user Rylee, from the US, shared a video of herself and her mum when they decided to take pregnancy tests together.

The 24-year-old and her mum can be seen clutching onto a bottle of wine in the clip, as they wait for the results on the pregnancy test to show.

The pair assumed that both would show up negative, so when Rylee’s mum saw her results and gasped “Oh my god”, they were completely shocked.

Giggling, Rylee was convinced that her mum had to be joking. If anyone was going to be pregnant, she had assumed it would be herself.

Yet when her mum announced that she was about to cry, the woman realised that she definitely wasn’t playing a trick on her.

@rdubbbThat one time I took a pregnancy test with my mom and ended up with a new sibling Lolol

♬ original sound – rylee

In a second TikTok post, Rylee revealed the full story of how her mum had encouraged her to take a pregnancy test.

She said: “Rewind to July, I’m having a bad week, I’m super emotional, a girl needs her mom.

“So I got to her house for the weekend, and she has the audacity to accuse me that I’m pregnant – although I was late.

“So then, of course, she makes me take a pregnancy test, and then that b**** ‘you know what, I’m also late’.”

Believing that they wouldn’t be pregnant, the pair agreed to film taking the pregnancy tests. They were expecting both tests to come back negative so that they could celebrate with a glass of wine.

@rdubbbOver 5 million views and 1 million likes later, I give you….. THE BACK STORY. Thank you all ? Promise I will follow with an update soon hahaha♬ original sound – rylee

Rylee continued: “And then it obviously wasn’t that fun anymore.

“That girl really thought that I switched them in the packages so she made me take another one.”

To prove that her mum was pregnant, she took a picture of the pregnancy test and added: “And that’s on being 24 with my mom’s sixth baby due in March.”

Meanwhile, a woman dubbed her mother-in-law ‘toxic’ as she decided to announce her pregnancy before she had told anyone, including her close family.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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