Woman Has Taken Care Of Her ‘Vegetative State’ Father For 15 Years And Sleeps Only Three Hours A Night

A woman has been taking care of her father who is in a ‘vegetative state’ for 15 years and says that she often only gets around three hours sleep a night. Despite the sacrifices she has made, she says that she takes comfort knowing that her father is getting the best care. 

A caring daughter in China has touched millions of peoples’ hearts after she has shared her story of taking care of her father who is in a vegetative state for the past 15 years.

Loving daughter Li Qin, from China, decided to quit her job as a manager of a company in order to take care of her sick father, who is in a vegetative state and needs 24/7 care.

Sleeping only three hours a night on average, the young woman attends to her father’s every need. From turning over his body so it doesn’t ache, limb rubbing and cleaning up his waste every two hours – she is truly a dedicated daughter.

Despite it having meant many sacrifices and challenges, Li says she counts herself lucky as she gets to spend so much time with her father.

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She told local media: “I can say that I feel most happy during the 15 years I spent with my father.

“I always feel lucky that I have a father. It’s not that he cannot live without me, but quite the opposite.”

The woman’s biggest wish is that her father will call her the nickname he used to, Ya Ya.

Li and her father live in Bo’ai County of Jiaozuo city in central China’s Henan Province.

Her father became ill when he had a stroke, which led to his vegetative state. The only way he can now communicate is through blinking his eyes or whining, as he can no longer move his body or talk.

Li, who is in her late thirties, used to be a deputy manager of a company yet felt it was only right to take care of her father when he had his stroke and became paralysed. Her mother had already passed away.

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Day to day, Li carries her father around, wipes his body, feeds him his meals and then cleans up his waste on multiple occasions throughout the day. Despite this, she never complains about her position.

Determined that her father will have the best possible care, Li even sleeps in the same room as him so that she can be close by if he needs her and she can make routine checks.

The moving story has been featured on several Chinese media outlet, including The Paper, BTV and Pear Video.

As Li spends so much time with her father, she remains unmarried and says that her pleasure is taking care of her parent.

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She said: “As long as my father is alive, I am still a child. Therefore I am lucky.

“Even though my father has not spoken a word with me in all those years, I can understand every single expression in his eyes.”

Before her father had fallen ill, Li said that he very much enjoyed flowers and plants. Therefore, she decided to build a garden for him in 2015.

She explained: “I told myself even if one was ill, he or she should not live a low-quality life.

“I didn’t have money at the time, so I used recycled materials and spent about two years building the garden for my father.

“Our garden is called Ya Ya Garden.”

Credit: Pear Video

The daughter, who has devoted her life to her father, believes that she can understand her father’s emotions despite him being unable to talk to her. She says that her father has taught her to be a strong and resilient person.

She said: “No matter what happens, I want him to be by my side, and I will be by his side forever. I wish my father could live a healthy and long life.”

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