Woman ‘Hospitalised’ After Lip Filler Procedure Goes Terribly Wrong

A woman has claimed she was 'hospitalised' after she had a lip filler procedure that went terribly wrong. 
Credit: @rubesfr/TikTok
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A woman has claimed she was ‘hospitalised’ after she had a lip filler procedure that went terribly wrong. 

The TikToker, who goes by the name Ruby, took to the social media platform and explained to followers that she experienced an ‘allergic reaction’ after getting her fillers ‘dissolved’.

In the clip, which has amassed almost 900,000 views, she said: “I had my lip filler dissolved… and ended up in hospital.”

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The woman claimed she went to have her lip filler ‘dissolved’ but it went terribly wrong. Credit: @rubesfr/TikTok

Over in the comments section, she explained in more detail what had happened, adding: “I went to get my filler dissolved and had an allergic reaction to the dissolving agent.

“I had an allergic reaction to the enzyme (it could happen to anyone, with anything).

“It took about 3 weeks for the swelling to completely go down.”

When a follower asked the 22-year-old whether she would ever have more filler, she replied: “Absolutely not, because if any complications were to arise such as vascular occlusions, I’d have to have hyaluronidase which is what I’m allergic to.” 

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Others expressed concern for her and asked why she didn’t have a ‘patch test’.

“This is so bad!” one said. “Did they not patch test you with the dissolved? Hope you’re soon better.”

Another TikToker said: “Babe, I’ve got severe allergies myself. I’ve been told not to dissolve my lips because of this reason, a box dye nearly killed me back when I was 18.” 

Later on, Ruby shared a follow-up video, writing: “Just a little update for you all.”

She then revealed that the filler had finally dissolved and she’d ‘recovered’ from the ‘reaction’.

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