Woman Is Fined £150 For Dropping Tuna Baguette Which Pigeons Went On To Eat

A woman has been fined a whopping £150 after she dropped the end part of her Greggs tuna baguette, which was “the size of a pound coin”, as a flock of pigeons went on to eat it. 

Leonie Ormsby was left gobsmacked when she was fined for accidentally dropping the remainder of her Greggs tuna baguette, which was “the size of a pound coin”, onto the pavement.

The woman told Manchester Evening News that the incident has left her “deflated”, as she can’t believe such a minor problem has cost her so much money.

The 22-year-old explained that she and her boyfriend went to Greggs and she ordered a steak bake whilst he ordered a tuna baguette.

Yet when Leonie went to take a bite of her partner’s baguette after finishing her steak bake, she accidentally dropped the end piece onto the pavement beside her at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre.

Credit: Leonie Ormsby

Leonie said: “There was a little bit left of the baguette.

“I had a bite, then dropped it on the floor at the side of my foot.

“I dropped one bit of food, I didn’t think it was bad. It was the size of a pound coin. I have never littered in my life. We were sitting having a nice time. There was no warning.

“There was no one around me. The pigeons flocked around but it was the tiniest bit. It was gone within one peck. It was the end of the baguette. There was no filling in it.”

Leonie was then surprised to see two officers approaching her and her boyfriend, as they said she had been “feeding the pigeons” and that if she didn’t share her details, she would have to “go to court”.

Leonie said: “These two officers came over. They said ‘I have seen you feeding the pigeons’. He said ‘you are on camera’. I said ‘I don’t want to give details’.

“He said ‘if you don’t give your details it will go to court’.

“I’m going to uni, I can’t have anything on my record.

“It’s just deflating, £150 is a lot of money. It’s not a joke when you get fined this much money. I can’t really afford that.

“If they warned me, I wouldn’t have done it again. I nearly started crying. I have never been in trouble. It seems crazy, you feel a bit attacked. I thought what is my mum going to say? I can’t believe it.”

Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

An executive member and councillor for the Manchester City Council stated: “Feeding the pigeons is littering, plain and simple.

“Clear signs are in place in Piccadilly Gardens to advertise this fact.

“While we take no pleasure in handing out Fixed Penalty Notices to offenders, it’s extremely important that people understand that they should not be feeding the birds in this way.

“Illegally dropping food for the pigeons is bad for the local environment and can also be harmful to the birds, as many items intended for human consumption are not suitable for them to eat.”

Shockingly, this isn’t the first time that a person has been fined at Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens for feeding pigeons. A woman was left furious after she was fined £120 for her feeding her Greggs vegan sausage roll scraps to the pigeons nearby her.

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