Woman Is Often Told She’s A Catfish And That She Looks Very Different In Real Life

A woman had admitted to being called a catfish and says when she turns up to events, people often don’t recognise her. 

Ella Collins-Godden used to hate having her pictures taken and had absolutely no confidence, but when she entered the world of beauty pageants everything changed.

Nowadays, the 19-year-old loves to take selfies and share them onto her social media pages. Sometimes, it can take her hours to choose and edit the perfect image to share with her followers.

Instagram: @kookiepooky

Ella told The Sun: “When I’ve been out I’ll take lots of pictures to remember the evening. The next day I’ll spend hours editing them. When I’m old I want to look back and see how pretty I was.”

Instagram: @kookiepooky

As she’s had so much experience in the beauty pageant industry now, she’s got a lot of younger girls to follow her on social media. Therefore, she tries not to edit her pictures too much as she doesn’t want to be “totally unrecognisable”.

However, Ella’s carefully edited selfies haven’t just gained the attention of teenage girls. She’s also had attention from “blokes in places such as Dubai or apparently the US army”, who private message her asking for intimate images. She ignores this and often doesn’t even bother to open them.

Despite having this type of attention, the nanny thinks a lot of people mistake her confidence for arrogance. She claims that she’s been told plenty of times that she’s “vain”.

Instagram: @kookiepooky

She explained: “Others try and warn me I’ll get a complex when I’m older and lose my looks. I don’t listen to them.”

Thanks to Snapchat, Ella finds taking selfies incredibly easy as she has tons of flattering filters to choose from. There are even some filters that help her decide which makeup looks suit her the most.

Currently, she believes there are 1,000 photos on her phone, most of which being selfies.

Ella said: “They are pictures I’ve taken and then edited using filters. My current favourite is the teddy bear hugging me.

“I do look very different in real life. In the past, I’ve turned up to events and people have said, ‘you don’t look like you!’ No one says anything negative to my face though.”

She added: “It’s a fun way to pass the time. Like most things on social media it isn’t real. If people think they’re being catfished, too bad!”

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