Woman Who Married Man Convicted Of Killing Brother Protests His Innocence On ‘This Morning’

Credit: ITV

A woman who married the man convicted of killing her brother has protested his innocence. 

Crystal Straus and her husband, John Tiedjen, appeared on the This Morning show earlier this week and defended their relationship.

The woman stated that the challenges they have and will face can only make them ‘stronger’.

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She declared: “I love Johnny with all my heart. I’m not saying this relationship will be easy, this relationship will be extremely challenging, it’s a huge rollercoaster with the court dates. We’ll get through this and it will just make us stronger in the long run.”

In April 1989, Straus’ world was turned upside down when her half-brother, Brian McGary, 18, was reportedly stabbed and shot.

At the time, her brother had been roommates with Tiedjen, who was then sentenced to 32 years in prison.

According to Boston 25, Tiedjen alleged he was forced to kill Straus’ brother after being intensely interrogated. At the time, he claimed he had acted in self-defence.

But later on, he pleaded his innocence.

Straus and Tiedjen began their romance when she wrote to him in prison; she was writing to offer her forgiveness for McGary’s death.

However, her alleged brother’s killer insisted he was innocent and the pair ended up to getting to know each other.

“There’s two people that lost their lives that night, my brother and unfortunately Johnny lost 32 years of his life,” Straus commented.

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A woman who married the man convicted of her killing her brother has protested his innocence. Credit: ITV

In June of this year, Tiedjen’s original conviction was overruled. Reportedly, prosecutors did not hand in the necessary crime scene photographs at trial.

On the ITV show, Straus’ husband said: ” [I] couldn’t believe it ever happened like that. I didn’t do the crime; how do you end up in prison for something you didn’t do?”

The couple revealed that it’s been a difficult process getting their families to accept the relationship.

Straus explained: “There’s mixed emotions on both sides of our family.

“It’s a hard thing to come to terms with. Everything going on, it’s kind of mindblowing for them. But I’ve said people are not going to completely understand our relationship.”

Tiedjen added: “It’s not about forgiveness here, I had nothing to be forgiven for. I didn’t do the crime. We put it in God’s hands, he’s made everything come to light.”

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