Woman ‘Humiliated’ After Misunderstanding Date’s Text About ‘Dressing Up’

A woman was left 'humiliated' after she misunderstood a guy's text about 'dressing up' for their date. 
Credit: @ameliasamson/TikTok

A woman was left ‘humiliated’ after she misunderstood a guy’s text about ‘dressing up’ for their date. 

Amelia Samson recently took to TikTok and opened up about the time she was chatting to a man online and they began discussing what to wear when they finally met up.

In a video, she said: “What is a red flag that you should not have ignored about someone you were dating, I’ll go first…

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The woman misunderstood her date’s text about ‘dressing up’. Credit: @ameliasamson/TikTok

“I had a first date planned with a guy that I was really excited about, super cute, really smart, and he has this idea of dressing up in a theme as an icebreaker for our first date.

“He said let’s dress up as really obnoxious tourists for our first date, and I LOVED that idea. I’m always down for a theme. Any themed party, I’m going over the top.”

The TikToker then explained that she managed to pull together an outfit for their date, which included a hat, sunglasses and a shirt which she borrowed from her dad.

However, when Samson arrived at the restaurant, she was horrified to find that the guy wasn’t dressed up at all.

Recalling the awkward moment, she continued: “I walk into the restaurant and he is not in theme. So I said ‘You’re not in theme?’ and he was like ‘Ya, I was kidding’. I was too committed at that point so I stayed like that the entire date.

“Kept the sunglasses on, kept the fanny pack on, and I went out with him again.”

In the end, Samson revealed that she didn’t see him again after the second date, as he told her she was ‘too political’.

She commented: “He said I was too political because I asked him if he voted. I might be political, but at least I’m not boring.”

@ameliasamson Before you ask, I am not sure why I went out with him again. #dating #single #pain #redflags ♬ original sound – Amelia Samson

Since sharing her dating story, Samson has received tons of support, with many agreeing on the date displaying ‘red flags’.

One viewer commented: “He embarrassed you on purpose, on a first date. Throw the whole man away.”

Another questioned: “Voting is being too political? That’s the biggest red flag.”

A third joined in, writing: “He was ‘joking’. Nah, he was trying to see if you’d do what he told you to.”

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