Woman Who Complained About Being Stuck Between Two ‘Obese’ People On Flight Gets Compensation

A woman who complained about being 'stuck' between two 'obese' people on an American Airlines flight has been awarded compensation.
Credit: Sydney Watson Twitter/Instagram

A woman who complained about being ‘wedged’ between two ‘obese’ people on an American Airlines flight has been awarded compensation.

Right-wing commentator Sydney Watson took to Twitter to complain to her 330,000 followers about sitting between two passengers she deemed ‘too fat to be on a plane’.

Watson also claimed she was ‘sweat on’, ‘touched without consent’ and ‘smacked in the face’ during her three-hour journey.

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Watson wrote: “I am currently – literally – WEDGED between two OBESE people on my flight.

“This is absolutely NOT acceptable or okay.

“If fat people want to be fat, fine.

“But it is something else entirely when I’m stuck between you, with your arm rolls on my body, for three hours.”

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American Airlines issued a short response, which Watson seemed less than impressed by.

They said: “Our passengers come in all different shapes and sizes. 

“We’re sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight.”

The airline added that its planes offer ‘a variety of seat sizes and styles, so [its] customers can select what works best for them’.

Watson replied: “I just experienced getting sweat on, touched without my consent, smacked in the face and subjected to hours of no personal space.

“And your response is essentially ‘too bad’, is that what I’m getting here?”

In the end, American Airlines offered her $150 credit to use with them by way of compensation.

An email from the firm, which Watson shared on Twitter, said: “I sincerely regret the enjoyment and comfort your flight AA was diminished due to another customer exceeding their seat’s space.

“We do our best to avoid uncomfortable situations regarding seats.

“I can understand your disappointment with the situation not being remedied to your satisfaction.

“It seems that our Flight Attendants were not able to make changes to the seating arrangement.

“I’m sure you know, in the future, you are always welcome to discuss the matter with our flight attendants.

“If we have other available seats, you’ll be allowed to move so that you can better enjoy your flight.

“As a gesture of goodwill, I have issued you a $150 Trip Credit which will arrive via a separate email.”

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However, Watson says that American Airlines’ attempt to fix the situation wasn’t good enough.

She wrote: “First and foremost – being obese is not something to be celebrated or encouraged.

“The fact that this has become about ‘fat shaming’, rather than the fact that obesity on aeroplanes is a hazard, and there are specific policies in place to stop it from harming other passengers is really quite something.

“This attempt by American Airlines to ‘fix’ this situation, unfortunately, doesn’t cut the mustard. 

“I want them to enforce their own policies – which they evidently will never do because people will scream and shout if anyone (evidently) speaks out about obesity.”

She added: “$150 is like, a quarter of a flight anyway.

“If you’re gonna throw money at a situation to make it go away, you’d at least think it would be something a little better – like 2x business class tickets to Hawaii.”

She added that she needed business class ‘to avoid getting sat on by future fats, given that is the recommendation by the fats who are upset by my comments’.

American Airlines offering compensation to Sydney Watson.
Sydney Watson says that American Airlines’ attempt to fix the situation wasn’t good enough. Credit: @SydneyLWatson/Twitter

Watson faced backlash on social media following her rant, but she remains undeterred and ‘stands by’ what she said.

One person wrote: “Lady if space and luxury are so important to you, why not fly first class?

“Why didn’t you speak up and asked to be moved in the first place instead of complaining on social media?

“People are so entitled nowadays.”

Another said: “You should be ashamed of yourself for acting like this.

“Fat shaming, being cruel, and just plain rude. Who are you to judge? Shame on you!”

Addressing the criticism, Watson said: “So we are clear – I stand by everything I said.”

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