Woman Outraged By Offensive Tattoo On New Partner’s Leg

A woman has claimed that she spotted a 'hateful' tattoo on what was presumably her new partner's leg. 
Credit: @kingthekween/TikTok

A woman claims she has been left outraged after spotting an ‘offensive’ tattoo on her new partner’s leg. 

The TikToker, who goes by the name @kingthekween, recently took to the social media platform and to share her ‘true story’.

Although she didn’t actually speak in the clip, the video had text that read: “I brought a guy home and realised he had a ‘No Fat Chicks’ tattoo.”

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The woman has claimed she spotted a ‘hateful’ tattoo on her new partner’s leg. Credit: @kingthekween/TikTok

When a person in the comments asked if it was ‘ironic,’ she replied: “Nope. He frantically tried to stop me lifting up his shorts to read it.”

So far, the clip has amassed over 140,000 views and thousands have said it’s such a ‘cruel’ tattoo to have inked.

One viewer said: “It’s always the ones who say they don’t want us [that] want us the most.”

Another added: “I can almost hear your laugh in this situation. Sad for him to miss all the goodness!”

“Should have made him fall in love and broke his heart,” a third joked.

Others have questioned the guy’s thought process and wondered what he expected to happen if he ever got ‘lucky’ with her.

One TikToker asked: “What did they think would happen when he came home with you?”

Unfortunately, the woman hasn’t revealed whether or not she’s seen the guy again but it goes without saying that she definitely deserves better.

Recently, another woman claimed that she discovered her boyfriend was cheating when she checked the reflection of a photo he sent her.

At first glance, the picture showed two pans of food cooking on the stove and appeared extremely innocent.

However, once you zoomed in, you could see another person wearing long, acrylic nails, an Apple watch, a ring, and several bracelets.

For noticing the error, people took to the comments and told her needs to apply to the FBI.

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