Woman Outraged By Sainsbury’s 500g Of Minced Beef After Weighing It On Scales

A woman decided to measure out her 500g packet of minced beef that she bought from Sainsbury’s and was furious to see that she had been shorted changed as it weighed only 478g. 

After purchasing a packet of minced beef which was meant to weigh 500g from British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, a woman was left outraged when she discovered it only weighed out to 478g – meaning she was missing 22g of mince.

Irritated, the woman decided to take Twitter to share her annoyance, she wrote: “Erm @sainsburys this was supposed to be a 500g pack, where’s the rest? #shortchanged”.

Credit: Twitter

Although it may not seem like a lot to be missing out on, the woman appeared to want some compensation for her lack of mince.

A member of Sainsbury’s customer service team then responded saying: “Sorry your mince was short of the 500 grams.

“Please DM me on the link below with the store this was purchased from, along with your full name, address and Nectar card number. Brandon.”

Despite the woman finding the situation frustrating, many took to the comments section of Twitter to say they found it absolutely hilarious.

One person responded to the woman’s post stating that it should be illegal and they even tagged the Metropolitan Police, determined to get to the bottom of the crime.

Another person asked: “What do you want them to do, slip 22g of loose ground beef through your letterbox tomorrow morning?”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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