Woman ‘Heartbroken’ After Paying £675 For Balenciaga Handbag That Is Size Of Her Palm

Credit: @khloekalvina/TikTok

A woman was left ‘heartbroken’ when she paid £675 for a Balenciaga handbag which ended up being the same size as her palm.

Khloe Kalvina bought the bag from the Spanish designer to carry her money and mobile phone. However, she soon realised she would only be able to fit her ID in it.

She posted a video on TikTok explaining what had happened and the video now has over 500,000 views. 

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Woman Paid
Khloe was in shock at the size of the Balenciaga bag. Credit: @khloekalvina/TikTok

She wrote: “Not me paying £675 for a Balenciaga ‘mini’ bag and thinking it would just be a bag for my phone and money to go in. 

“Little did I know it only just fits my ID in and it’s smaller than my phone.”

She added: “When they say mini, they really do mean mini.” 

Users of the platform were quick to share their thoughts, with one saying: “No, the mini looks so much bigger online!”

Khloe agreed with this, adding that she was ‘heartbroken’. 

@khloekalvinaSo when they say mini they really mean ₘᵢₙᵢ … ##balenciaga ##minibag ##fyp ##fashion ##designer♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Another commented: “What do people even keep in these? Or do they just wear it as an accessory, like a belt or necklace?” 

“Same happened to me, bought the mini black one. Except it was a bit bigger than this. So I bought the ‘small’ one which is just fine. £1450 though,” a third chimed in. 

However, others were unimpressed that she had spent that amount of money on a bag in the first place. 

One follower asked: “Why spend that much money in the first place, for what the word Balenciaga?” 

A different user said: “Your own fault for paying that kind of money for a bag tbh.”

Another added: “I just can’t get over that’s £675, that’s the same as my rent!.”

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