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Woman Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating After ‘Checking Instagram Block List’

A woman said she found her boyfriend was cheating when she 'checked her Instagram block list'. 
Credit: @gabby_marcellus/TikTok

A woman said she found her boyfriend was cheating when she ‘checked her Instagram block list’. 

Gabby Marcellus, from New York, recently took to TikTok and shared with her followers how her ex got ‘sneaky’ and went behind her back.

She said: “I’ll never forget the day in 2018 when something told me to check my blocked list on Instagram.

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Gabby Marcellus
The woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her when she ‘checked her Instagram block list’. Credit: @gabby_marcellus/TikTok

“What did I find? A random girl. What did we have in common? My boyfriend. Now I didn’t block her, so you can guess who did.”

She added: “They get sneaky my friends.”

After viewing the clip, many followers asked the 25-year-old why her ex even had access to her social media accounts in the first place.

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In a follow-up video, Marcellus explained that on an evening out, the two got into a fight and he then told her she was too drunk and was going to end up doing something silly, like losing her phone.

When holding onto it, he asked for her password so that he could get them both a taxi home.

The TikToker explained: “I guess later that night he went onto my phone while I was sleeping, and he went on to my Instagram. He put my Instagram account on private, and he blocked this girl.

“He put my Instagram on private because I was always tagging him in pictures.”

Marcellus’ video blew up on TikTok and has received thousands of comments.

One viewer said: “Not me going to check my blocked list on Facebook and Insta…”

Another added: “Yep! My ex had me blocked on his social media accounts that I didn’t know existed.”

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