Woman Realised Ex-Boyfriend Was Cheating Through A Coffee Order

A TikToker shared her story of how she discovered that her ex-boyfriend was being unfaithful when he came home late one night with a Starbucks coffee order. 

A TikToker, named Danielle Brown, revealed to her followers that she discovered that her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her when he arrived home late one night with a coffee cup.

The mum of three, from the US, was initially puzzled at why her partner hadn’t ordered her a drink when at the coffee chain, yet when she took a closer look at the coffee cup it all made sense.

In the TikTok clip, she explained: My ex came home late and I was like, ‘Where have you been?’

“And he holds up his drink and was like, ‘oh I just went to go grab some Starbucks really quick’.”

She continued: “And then he goes upstairs, leaves his drink down and I walk over to take a sip of it because he didn’t get me one, he just randomly went to go get coffee.

“And of course this dummy went with his ex and they wrote her name on the cup because she obviously ordered their coffee.”

When Danielle examined the coffee cup, it was clear that the name ‘Britney’ was written across it.

Feeling hurt and angered, she said that she confronted her ex but he came up with the most terrible excuse.

She said: “So he came back downstairs and I was like, ‘Oh so you went with your ex Brittany?’

“And he’s like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, that’s not even how you spell her name, that’s just the lady at Starbucks name and she wrote her name on the cup’.”

Fortunately, the TikToker didn’t buy this shoddy excuse and explained that she “ended up taking the coffee and I threw it at him and left”.

However, the mum of three then decided to take the guy back one week later. It was a while before she managed to find the courage to leave him for good.

In the comments, she said: “He was cheating on his ex and admitted it later on. And with many other women too.”

@daniell3brownIt only took 100 times for me to leave🤡 ##neveragain##fyp##foryou##storytime##cheater##clown

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The clip got plenty of views on TikTok, with many people saying that they were stunned at how he’d been “outed” in such an obvious way.

One person rhetorically asked: “Why even risk bringing the drink home?”

Another commented: “That is just a bad lie.”

Meanwhile, others shared the bizarre ways in which they’d discovered their partners cheating too.

A follower responded: “My kid told me! He took my kids to meet her, her mother and her kid!!!!”

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