Woman Shares Shocking Reason She Was ‘Named After Dad’s Mistress’

A woman called Kristina, from Kentucky, US, has shared the shocking reason she was 'named after her dad's mistress' in a viral TikTok post.
Credit: @keepingitkristina/TikTok

A woman has shared the shocking reason she was ‘named after her dad’s mistress’.

Kristina, from Kentucky, US, recently took to TikTok and said: “So, I feel like most people who are named after somebody have a cute story behind it, or they’re named after somebody really special… that is not the case for me.”

The TikToker went on to explain that before she was born, her parents agreed that if they had a boy, her mum would choose the name and vice versa if they had a girl.

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The woman has shared the ‘shocking’ reason that she was ‘named after her dad’s mistress’. Credit: @keepingitkristina/TikTok

So when Kristina popped out via C-section, her name was chosen by her dad and her mum didn’t seem to mind it, so all the paperwork was signed.

But just a few months later, her mum was left horrified when she found out that the father of her child had been having an affair.

It turned out that he had chosen to name their baby after his mistress because he would be able to say he was talking about his daughter if he ever ‘slipped up’.

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Since sharing the story, Kristina’s post has received nearly 300,000 views and thousands have taken to the comments and blasted her dad.

“Wow… just wow. So that was pretty selfish,” one person commented.

Another added: “I would have had to change your name.”

Many people also shared their own stories about how they were given their names.

A viewer commented: “I was named after my Spanish grandma who spent her whole life committed in a mental institution… It says a lot.”

Joining in, another shared: “My dad named me after a little girl who he knew growing up that always pooped her pants.”

After hearing some of those stories, Kristina probably didn’t end up feeling too bad about her name in the end!

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