Woman Receives ‘Horrifying’ Response From ‘Dead Sister’s Phone Number’

A woman has opened up about the time she 'texted her dead sister's mobile number' and received a 'horrifying response'. 
Credit: @faithsidman1/TikTok

A woman has opened up about the time she ‘texted her dead sister’s mobile number’ and received a ‘horrifying response’. 

Faith Sidman posted a screenshot of the exchange on TikTok and opened up about how she sometimes messages the number ‘as a way to cope with her loss’. 

The post, which has amassed over 1.2million views since being hsared, was captioned: “At least I got to see her name pop up on my phone one last time.”

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Woman texting dead sister
The woman used to ‘text her dead sister’s phone number’ for ‘comfort’. Credit: @faithsidman1/TikTok

The message she sent read: “Thinking about you lots today. I love you.”

However, she then received a response, saying: “You have a wrong number.”

To which she replied: “I’m sorry, my sister passed away two years ago and I still text this number from time to time.

“I thought the number was out of service, I won’t text anymore.” 

The number then responded: “This was a business. Please stop texting.”

@faithsidman1at least i got to see her name pop up on my phone one last time 🙂♬ original sound – ?????? ⚯͛

Users flooded Sidman with supportive messages, with one person writing: “Wow they didn’t have to be cold about it. I’m sorry for your loss I’m sure she loved you as much as you loved her.”

Another added: “I could only imagine the emotions when you saw ‘she’ texted you back and to open up the message to them being snarky. I’m so sorry.”

A third said: “I’m so sorry someone is so cold-hearted like this baby, just keep texting the number. Hopefully, they block it and you can keep texting to heal.” 

In a statement to the Daily Dot, Sidman said: “After losing my sister I was devastated and I had a hard time accepting she was gone, but it was a nice release to be able to text her number as if she was still here. 

“After getting that text it just made her being gone feel even more real, and the person being completely unsympathetic didn’t help.”

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