Woman Reveals Her Sister’s Filthy Bedroom Which Has Dozens Of Bottles Of WEE All Over Floor

A woman has taken to TikTok to expose her sister’s filthy bedroom which has bottles scattered across the floor full of WEE. 

When moving into her sister’s bedroom, one unfortunate woman had no idea what she had gotten herself into when she decided to sort out the room.

TikTok user Colleen Cameron shared the epic clean up of her older sister’s bedroom onto her page to show what a transformation she had made – and hopefully to shame her sibling into being cleaner!

The American student found that her sister’s bedroom was full of bottles of wee and it turned out that her sister’s boyfriend just couldn’t be bothered to go to the toilet.

She explained: “When I left for college, my sister took over my bedroom and left me with her gross one in the bedroom.

“So here I am cleaning it and turning it into mine!”

However, it wasn’t just the bottles on the carpet that she found. She also discovered that they’d be tossed and forgotten in plastic bags and down the back of her bed.

After the gross discovery, it wasn’t such an issue cleaning up the mouldy bits of food and dirty piles of laundry.

In total, it took Colleen around four hours to transform the bedroom into some sort of normality as she cleaned it from top to bottom.

As well as scrubbing the carpet and wiping clean the grimy chest of drawers, she accumulated five bin bags worth of rubbish.

@collroywhy so many pee bottles tho? this was GROSS. ##HeinzHalloween ##InteriorDesign ##ThatWitch ##cleaning ##fyp ##xyzbca ##fypシ

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Once she shared the bedroom transformation onto TikTok, users took to the comments to say how shocked they were by how the state of its previous condition. They couldn’t believe that her sister had lived liked that and soon, Colleen found she had many messages about the “pee bottles”.

In a separate post, the student decided to discuss the bottles of urine and explained that she had no idea why her sister’s boyfriend had done it. She presumed it was because he simply couldn’t be bothered to go to the actual toilet and was just lazy.

@collroyReply to @ityabbadabbadobelikethat just trying to answer some of your questions😅😂

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She wrote: “Why? Not sure – guess he was lazy which yes I know is disgusting. Also not sure why it wasn’t cleaned up beforehand but here I am.”

One user asked: “Why would she date someone that pees in bottles!!?? The savagery.”

A second added: “This is horrifying! I couldn’t finish watching.”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “‘I’m so petty that I would have bagged all that up and dumped it in my sister’s room, you are a better person than I am…”

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