Woman Reveals She’s Dating Her First Cousin And That She Isn’t Ashamed

A woman has revealed that she’s dating her first cousin and that she doesn’t think she should have to be ashamed of her relationship. The woman took to Twitter to say that she doesn’t agree with the stigma around incest and that she is very much “in love”. 

A woman known as Lil Marche on Twitter took to social media to break the stigma around incestual relationships. After falling in love with her first cousin, she wants people to know that despite the two being related that her love shouldn’t be “limited”.

Wanting to prove that her relationship with her cousin is normal, she shared several intimate photos of the pair and explained that she had always had romantic feelings for him, going back to when they were kids.

Credit: Twitter

She wrote online: “Can we change the stigma of incest?

“I shouldn’t be limited to who I love because we’re related.

“I’m just happy and in love, just so happen to be my cousin. What’s the deal? Y’all need to get over who I f***. Cousin or not.”

Credit: Twitter

The woman said that her cousin’s mum is her blood sister and that she no longer wants to hide their relationship.

However, she soon received backlash from people who insisted that if they were to have kids they would be “deformed” and God would “punish her” for this relationship.

One person said: “Maybe if you’re distant cousins.

“I know that it’s possible to marry your distant cousin but if y’all close cousins…”

Another stated: “There is a special place in hell for that.”

Credit: Twitter

Undoubtedly prepared for the criticism, the woman responded: “I don’t care what anyone says.

“Y’all not going to shame me – I’m in love. No need to be ashamed of it.

“I remember growing up we had to hide our love from our family. Sleepovers was too lit. Now we grown and we don’t gotta hide.

“Blood can’t make us any closer but I’m so glad I fell in love with my cousin. And y’all are lying if you saying you never thought about f***ing your cousin or thought your cousin is cute.”

Meanwhile, an ‘incest’ mum and son were ‘caught having sex by the son’s wife who called the police’. The son then told the police that it had never happened before and it hadn’t been planned.

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