Woman ‘Accidentally Transfers Salary To Stranger’ And Receives ‘Savage’ Response

A woman 'accidentally transferred her salary to a stranger' and she received a 'savage' response. 
Credit: @fahadabistari/Instagram

A woman ‘accidentally transferred her salary to a stranger’ and she received a ‘savage’ response. 

Fahada Bistari, from Malaysia, decided to transfer her wages over to her mum as a surprise but by mistake sent it to an unknown bank account number, reports India Times.

Explaining the ordeal in a TikTok video, the woman said: “Today I got my first salary. It’s not much as I had just worked a few days. I banked in the money to my mother but long story short, I accidentally banked it to another person.”

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It’s believed that Bistari didn’t realise she’d made the error until her confused mum said she’d not received the money.

When the woman looked into who she had transferred her salary over to she reached out to the person and explained the situation.

Apparently, they weren’t feeling very sympathetic towards Bistari and reportedly told her the mistake could be written off as ‘charity’.


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Emotional, the woman continued: “My mother gave me the phone number of the person and I called, texted and WhatsApped them. Finally, they asked me to think of it as a donation to them.

“It’s not that I don’t want to donate but my pay is very little and I wanted to give it to my mother.”

Fortunately for Bistari, the person appeared to have a change of heart and following some ‘added drama’, she eventually received her salary back.

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Since being shared, the TikToker’s post has garnered a staggering 3.5 million views and she’s received a ton of sympathy from viewers.

One wrote: “I have tears in my eyes watching this. if this chapter is about mom, she will be in tears… There are many lessons from this video. Sincerely, I hope you have a good reply.”

Don’t be sad .. God willing, you will have more sustenance,” a second said. “Believe it.”

A third penned: “Hopefully that person will be open to give back, be patient sister.”

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