Woman Says ‘Toxic’ Mother-In-Law Announced Pregnancy Online By Posting Photos

A woman has taken to TikTok to explain how her mother-in-law ruined her pregnancy announcement by sharing photos online of the test. 

Morgan Lee, a TikTok user, revealed that her mother-in-law decided to sneakily reveal her pregnancy news, despite the fact she hadn’t announce the news to her family yet.

In the video, she explained: “A week after my fiancé was arrested because he was being naughty, you know, whatever, he’s good now.

“A week afterwards I found out I was pregnant and I told his mum, I hadn’t told any of my family yet because I was just scared.”

Morgan said that when she told the news to her mother-in-law, she then asked her to send over photos of the pregnancy test.

At first, the mum-to-be was confused by the request as she’s “not a liar”, but she decided to still send over the photos of the positive pregnancy test.

Morgan continued: “Not even five minutes later I get a ping from Facebook saying I was tagged in a post.

“She posted my pregnancy tests and announced to everybody that I was pregnant, online for everyone to see.

“I hadn’t told my family yet, I was p***ed, so mad, I wanted to fight her.”

@morganthepicchickHow my MIL ruined the birth of my baby part 1 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##monsterinlaw ##mil♬ original sound – Morgan Lee

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♬ original sound – Morgan Lee

Since sharing her video online, Morgan’s clip has had over 126,000 views. Meanwhile, the comments section has been filled with fellow TikTokers raging over her mother-in-law’s inappropriate behaviour.

One person commented: “I feel for you girl”

Another ranted: “NO one should announce your events before you.”

While a third wrote: “This is my biggest fear OMG.”

In related news, a fellow TikToker shared the Christmas card that they received from their mother-in-law which she also dubbed “toxic”, but it left others divided.

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