‘Mortified’ Woman ‘Screams So Loud’ Over Spider ‘Concerned’ Neighbours Call Police

Credit: Hollie Hunter via Facebook

A ‘mortified’ woman reportedly ‘screamed so loud’ over a spider at home that her ‘concerned’ neighbours ended up calling the police. 

Hollie Hunter got the fright of her life on August 30 when she discovered a huge, eight-legged creature moving around under her bed.

She then spotted a moth fluttering around her room and things all became too much for her and she became hysterical.

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A Scots woman reportedly ‘screamed so loud’ over a spider that her ‘concerned’ neighbours called the police – who turned up in riot vans. Credit: Hollie Hunter via Facebook

Moments later, officers turned up at her doorstep to see what all the fuss was about.

Fortunately, they thought it was hysterical and agreed to dispose of the spider for her.

After the officers left Hunter’s flat, she took to Facebook and shared the bizarre but funny story with her friends.

She wrote: “Anyone else screaming that bad last night about a spider crawling under their bed and a moth in their room that neighbours phoned the police… who turned up in two riot vans and ended up lifting your bed to find the spider? NAH, JUST ME THEN.

“Never been so mortified in my whole life. Sooo glad they saw the funny side and disposed of said spider.”

She jokingly added: “Think it’s time to seek help for my phobias.”

Her post has since gone viral and accumulated thousands of likes and shares.

One person commented: “This is hilarious. Got the conkers around the window anyone?”

Another added: “Oh my God! That is priceless.”

“Hollie they’re going to have to save your number under ‘Spider Gal’ so they don’t come every time you have one in the house!” a third said.

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