Woman Shares ‘Daddy’s Reaction’ To ‘Inappropriate’ Dance Routine

A woman has shared her 'daddy's reaction' to an 'inappropriate' dance routine. 
Credit: @itskat.renee/TikTok

A woman has shared her ‘daddy’s reaction’ to an ‘inappropriate’ dance routine on TikTok, and it is confusing the life out of her followers. 

In the clip, the woman, who is known only as Kaitlyn, can be seen grinding up against a bloke while the song ‘Shake Dat’ by Loui plays in the background.

She captioned it: “Daddy’s reaction part 11.”

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The woman has shared her ‘daddy’s reaction’ to an ‘inappropriate’ dance routine. Credit: @itskat.renee/TikTok

One confused person asked: “Is that her dad or her boyfriend?!”

Another added: “Leave your dad alone.”

“Wait, is he her dad or her daddy?” a third questioned.

However, many think this is exactly the reaction she wanted and there isn’t anything sinister going on as it’s just her boyfriend, not her actual father.

“Okayyyy, it’s her boyfriend but she calls him daddy. Okay lmao,” one commented.

@itskat.renee##fyp ##foryoupage♬ Shake Dat (feat. Lil Jay) – Loui

It’s not the first ‘creepy’ dance video that has left viewers confused on the platform.

Last week, a woman posted a clip of her nanny practicing the Dirty Dancing routine with her husband.

She captioned it: “The nanny-dad content no one asked for.”

Many people have since warned the woman to ‘divorce’ her husband as it looks like they are a little too close.

One person commented: “Only way someone encourages anyone to act like this with their husband is if they’re desperately trying to prove to themself that nothing is going on.”

Another added: “I may watch too many Lifetime movies but I see flirting and a secret affair.”

“I’m a nanny and I don’t think I’ve even given the kid’s dad a high five and I’ve been their nanny for three years,” a third said.

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