Woman Shares How You Can Make Creamy Oreo Fudge With Only Three Ingredients!

A woman has shared on TikTok how you can make some absolutely creamy Oreo fudge and you’ll only need three ingredients!

Lockdown has brought out the bakers in all of us, from banana bread to brownies, people have been sharing their indulgent recipes online for others to try. But here’s a new recipe you may not have seen before that you could have a gander at… Oreo fudge.

TikTok user Elouise has decided to share with fans her online tutorial on how to make oreo fudge that will melt in your mouth. All you’ll need is three ingredients!

Credit: TikTok

If you’re a fan of both Oreo and white chocolate, this is definitely a recipe you should consider trying out yourself. It doesn’t even involve any complicated cooking methods like actual baking or measuring.

To try out the recipe, you’ll need condensed milk, white chocolate and of course, a packet of Oreos.

The recipe suggests you use about 20 Oreo biscuits but if this isn’t enough for your Oreo cravings, feel free to add as many as you’d like.

Credit: TikTok

To make the fudge, you first need to pour the condensed milk into a saucepan and add the white chocolate – make sure you turn the heating low.

Secondly, the London foodie advises that you stir the mix regularly so that it doesn’t start to stick. Then you need to wait till the chocolate has completely melted.

Credit: TikTok

Following this, you need to add the Oreos to the mix by folding them gently in – however, don’t use them all yet.

Next, pour the mixture into a lined baking tray, spread it out so that it fills all corners. Then, top with the remaining Oreo biscuits.

Credit: TikTok

Once you’ve done all of this, all you need to do is wait for it to set.

It can set at room temperature but if you really can’t wait (we wouldn’t blame you), then it’s fine to pop into the fridge too.

Elouise, who goes by the name FitWaffle online, shared the simple recipe to her TikTok page and it soon racked up almost 250,000 likes.

The foodie also has a popular Instagram page where she shares her drool-worthy ideas.

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