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Woman Claims Face Is ‘Half Paralysed’ After ‘Getting Veneers In Turkey’

A woman has claimed she went to Turkey to get veneers but came back with her face 'half paralysed'.
Credit: @lydiahughes22/TikTok

A woman has claimed she went to Turkey to get veneers but came back with her face ‘half paralysed’.

Lydia Hughes alleges the procedure caused her to develop Bell’s palsy which is a temporary weakness or lack of movement that affects one side of the face. 

Opening up about the experience in a TikTok video that now has been viewed over 775,000 times, she wrote: “Got veneers in Turkey, came back with Bell’s palsy.”

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The woman has claimed the procedure in Turkey left her face ‘half paralysed’ with the medical condition Bell’s palsy. Credit: @lydiahughes22/TikTok

The TikToker posted a picture of her teeth shaved down in preparation for the procedure, before showing them again after she had the veneers fitted, with a droopy face on one side. 

Users of the platform took to the comments to say the clip highlighted the importance of picking reputable clinics.

One viewer wrote: “And this is why you get your treatment at home in the UK.”

Another said: “Everyone remember to research your clinics and surgeons before flying for these appointments! I hope you’re okay.” 

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Other users shared their similar experiences with the condition, saying: “I got [a] tooth extraction on Monday, and ever since I’ve had this.”

Someone else wrote: “Never heard of this before and I got it last week. It’s so depressing. How long [have] you had bells for Mrs? I’m day eight now and no movement.” 

A separate follower said she was going to warn her friend who was planning on travelling to the country for the same procedure, writing: “My mate is going to Turkey for hers, I’m going to tell her, omg bless you.” 

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