Woman Shows How To Make Lotus Biscoff Fudge And You’ll Only Need Five Ingredients!

Biscoff fans will be absolutely delighted to know that there is now a recipe which guarantees you delicious, mouthwatering Biscoff fudge, and you’ll only need five ingredients to make it yourself. 

A Brighton foodie has taken to TikTok to share her recipe on how to make the perfect Lotus Biscoff fudge and it’s great as you’ll only need five ingredients!

Dished up by home cook Lillie Eaton, who often shares her baking recipes on TikTok, she posted the video at the end of February and so far, it’s received over 8,000 views from Biscoff lovers who want to get up to a bit of baking during the coronavirus lockdown.

To make the Biscoff fudge, all you’ll need is condensed milk, white chocolate, icing sugar, Lotus Biscoff spread and of course, a packet of the addictive biscuits.

If you don’t have much baking equipment around the house then you’ll be glad to know that it only requires a pot and a baking tray.

Credit: TikTok

First of all, you will need to pour 397g of condensed milk into a saucepan, along with 300g of white chocolate and 300g of Biscoff spread.

Following this, you will need to turn the heat to a low setting and stir the mix regularly so that it doesn’t start to stick.

Halfway through the mixture melting, you’ll need to sieve 100g of icing sugar into the pot.

Once the chocolate Biscoff mixture has become completely smooth, you need to chop up half of the 125g of Biscoff biscuits into little pieces and add them to the mixture – which it will give it that extra texture and crunch.

The next step is to evenly spread the Biscoff chocolate mix in a baking tin and press the remaining biscuits crumbs on top.

To finish off your fudge, place the tin into a fridge so that the fudge can set overnight. The following day, you should wake up to some delicious fudge.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, why don’t you check out a woman’s recipe on creamy Oreo fudge which needs only three ingredients?

Check out Lillie creating her own Biscoff fudge recipe below.


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