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Woman Shares Sneaky Way Of Finding Out Who’s Stalking Your Partner’s Social Media

A woman has shared the sneaky way in which she finds out who is stalking her partner's Instagram account
Credit: @meganvplatts/TikTok

A woman has shared the sneaky way in which she finds out who is stalking her partner’s Instagram account, but many have argued that it’s ‘toxic’ and a ‘crazy’ thing to do in a relationship. 

Megan Platt took to TikTok and captioned the post: “A tip for the girlies.”

In the controversial clip, she revealed that she uses the platform’s poll feature – which allows followers to vote on one of two options – to track who is watching her boyfriend’s social media stories.

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She shared sneaky ways to find out who’s stalking your partner’s Instagram account. Credit: @meganvplatts/TikTok

By positioning the feature so only half of it’s showing on the phone screen, it doesn’t look like a poll at all.

As a result, many people presume that it’s just a link to the person’s profile when in reality, it’s actually giving you a list of people who would have actually clicked.

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Since the TikToker shared the hack, it’s accumulated over 4.5 million times and many have said they think the idea is ‘hilarious’.

One viewer wrote: “I just did this and 100 people clicked.”

Another added: “I’m laughing way too hard right now because I’m imagining their faces when they realise.”

However, others argued that the list doesn’t prove anything at all.

Fighting their point, a TikToker said:  “Looking at someone’s profile doesn’t mean anything. This is so jealous and insecure.”

A second user commented: “I’m nosey though, I’m not trying to steal anyone’s man.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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