Woman Claims She Uses Strangers’ Old Socks As Sanitary Pads To ‘Save Money’

A woman claimed she uses strangers’ old socks as sanitary pads to ‘save money’.
Credit: TLC

A woman claimed she uses strangers’ old socks as sanitary pads to ‘save money’.

Goldy Locks, from Nashville, made the confession while appearing on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates.

She said: “Women spend $200-$300 a year on feminine products, easily, that’s a scam.

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“People laugh when I say I use socks as sanitary pads, but my way is way more cost-effective and it’s environmentally friendly.”

And that isn’t the only way she saves money. She added: “I have a washer and dryer but it’s going to cost $3-$5 in water and power to do the amount of laundry that we need to do so why would I do that.”

Locks, who is in a rock band, also revealed she gets her fellow bandmates to cough up 56 cents for every mile she drives them around. Through doing this, she reckons she’s saving around $725 a month.

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When it comes to the gigs themselves, Locks said she refuses to bow down to venues that charge expensive prices for drinks.

Instead, she searches for leftover pint glasses and picks up the dregs.

Understandably, Lock’s lifestyle has meant she often receives the odd look or two, but she has no plans to change her ways.

She stated: “I don’t care what anybody thinks about my cheap penny-pinching ways.

“I’m passionate about being cheap as I am about music, I look at it as a lifestyle.”

Locks is just one of many money savers to have appeared on Extreme Cheapskates.

Previously, the show has featured New Yorker Kate Hashimoto, who claimed she doesn’t use toilet rolls as she ‘hates spending money’.

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