Woman Struggling To Get Pregnant Used Her 51-Year-Old Mum As A Surrogate

A woman who was struggling to conceive after years of trying for a baby has decided to have a baby through the help of her supportive mum. 

As a newlywed couple, Breanna Lockwood and her husband Aaron decided to start trying for a baby to make their family complete. However, the couple quickly realised that their dream of becoming parents may be impossible as their attempts came out fruitless.

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Realising there may be an issue from preventing the couple from getting pregnant, they decided to seek help from a fertility clinic based in Illinois. It was there that the couple was told they would need to begin fertility treatment if they were to ever have a child. Yet despite following the doctors’ advice, the journey was not a straightforward one.

After suffering a heartbreaking two miscarriages, Breanna was then told she had developed Asherman’s syndrome, which is a condition that’s acquired when there’s scar tissue in the uterus.

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Knowing the couple was desperate for a baby, Dr Brian Kaplan, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at the fertility clinic, suggested that the couple opt to go down the surrogacy route instead. Despite the solution, there was a problem. To go down the surrogacy path, the couple would need almost $100,000.

Hearing the news, Breanna’s 51-year-old mum, Julie Loving, said that she would be open to carrying her daughter’s child. Initially, Breana felt hesitant and sceptical about the idea. However, Julie soon made her daughter realise that this was the right choice to make.

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Julie told “I kind of felt like I went through this with her from the beginning.

“I felt all of her grief and her struggle. I knew that I was healthy as a 51-year-old, and I knew I could do this for her, I took good care of myself. I actually don’t feel 50, I feel 30!”

After discussing it with both her mum and her husband, Breanna decided this was the best shot they’d get at becoming parents. Therefore, she decided to take her mum to one of the appointments involving Dr Kaplan.

Immediately, Breanna noticed that there was some hesitation coming from the doctor.

She recalled: “I could see a look in his eye and I could see his wheels beginning to turn a little bit.”

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Yet the doctor soon changed his mind once a series of tests were conducted on Julie, including one on her cholesterol, and they all came back perfectly fine. Breanna’s mum also underwent a series of psychological tests and had blood samples taken.

It wasn’t long after this, that the mother and daughter were given the go-ahead to start the journey.

Dr Kaplan has gone on to describe the situation as a “very unique scenario” and that he only felt it was wise to do after “very careful personalised medical, psychological and ethical considerations”.

He added: “The family dynamic, unconditional support and sacrifice and the resilience of the human spirit was humbling for me as a physician.”

Currently, Julie is acting as Breanna and Aaron’s gestational surrogate, this means that she is carrying the couple’s biological child and her biological grandchild.

Julie said: “No doubt, no regrets, I would do that. I love her so much I just wanted to help her.”

Instagram: @ivf.surrogacy.diary

Breanna has recently begun to share the story with her 36,400 Instagram followers and has explained why, she said: “I decided to go public with everything to celebrate my mum and everything she has done… I kind of always thought it was going to happen really quickly. You spend your whole life preventing and when you stop to preventing, it doesn’t happen right away.

“I really struggled with talking about it; it put a strain with family and friends and your marriage. It’s something that really rocks someone’s world.”

Julie is now over 21 weeks into the pregnancy and Brenna has stated that she’s finally beginning to get excited at the thought of being a parent. After years of facing heartbreak and disappointment, it is a welcome change.

Just the other week, the couple felt as the baby kicked for the first time and they have now found out they are having a baby girl.

Instagram: @ivf.surrogacy.diary

Breanna has described her husband Aaron as incredibly laidback about the entire situation, he has always believed their dream would come true and that it was “going to work”.

Due to the global health crisis, Breanna’s husband has not been able to attend any of the appointments but has spent his time during lockdown making the baby’s nursery.

Meanwhile, Julie has expressed her enjoyment at being pregnant once again and says that despite it being draining on her sometimes, she’s found it pretty easy overall.

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