Woman ‘Gets Stuck Inside Upside-Down Exercise Machine’ In Viral Video

A woman has gone viral after 'getting stuck inside an upside-down exercise machine'. 
Credit: @cfaulds20/TikTok

A woman has gone viral after ‘getting stuck inside an upside-down exercise machine’. 

Christine Faulds took to TikTok last week and uploaded a video of the incident which resulted in her ‘calling 911’.

She captioned the clip: “At least they didn’t send a whole fire crew…”

Reportedly, the incident took place at a 24-hour gym in Ohio and involved Faulds using the inversion table.

Watch the shocking moment here…

Explaining how the mishap happened, the TikToker said that she had set up her mobile ‘to record a video of me on the inversion table and just saying how much I love it for my low back, “especially when I’m going to the gym at 3am and my back is really stiff and doesn’t want to wake up’.

However, it quickly turned into a disaster when Faulds found herself dangling upside down.

“Then it just caught the whole thing and kept recording,” she added.

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To make the situation even worse, not many people were in the gym due to the time and as music was playing, her calls for help were left unheard.

Fortunately, Faulds managed to ‘call 911’ by using her smartwatch.

In the viral clip, she can be heard saying to the dispatcher: “There’s only one person at the gym and I got stuck in, you know that backboard thing.

“I’m stuck in this reverse, like, back decompression thing.

“I think the thing went too far and I just got stuck upside-down and cannot get myself right side up.

“I’m trying to get my buddy’s attention but he’s in the other room lifting. I’m sorry, I’m just stuck.”

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Since being uploaded, the video has amassed a whopping 7.2 million views and thousands have taken to the comments.

One joked: “And that ladies and gentlemen is why I don’t exercise.”

“New fear UNLOCKED,” a second said. “Also, haha glad you’re OK!”

A third commented: “I would never work out again.”

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