Woman Told To Leave Beach By Angry Mum As Bikini ‘Showed Bum’

A woman was told to leave the beach by an angry mum because her bikini ‘showed her bum’.
Credit: @savysimsyou/TikTok

A woman was told to leave the beach by an angry mum because her bikini ‘showed her bum’.

Savannah Sims opened up about the incident in a TikTok and said it happened while she was sunbathing in a two-piece in Hawaii. 

She alleges that the woman initially began making remarks about her outfit choice to her partner but this led to a confrontation.

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The beachgoer was told her bikini was too revealing. Credit: @savysimsyo/TikTok

In the clip, Savannah explained: “The mum starts saying to her boyfriend, ‘no I can’t have that’ and ‘that’s not okay with me’.

“I look up and she’s looking at me, so I asked if there’s an issue.”

The mum then told her that she didn’t want to see Savannah’s ‘butt and lady parts’. 

But the American woman insisted that she had been lying on her back the whole time, so the woman’s allegations didn’t even make sense. 

Savannah then added that the woman was actually wearing a ‘straight thong bikini,’ as she eventually removed her skirt too.

“To call me out and then take off your skirt and be rocking a g-string, either she’s a hypocrite or it wasn’t about what I was wearing?” the social media user fumed. 

@savysimsyo🙄 Ik tourists can be a lot when you live in a ##hawaii , but keep in mind that the world isn’t yours, it’s to be shared ##sharing ##fyp ##respect ##love♬ original sound – Savannah Sims

Other TikTokers were equally as outraged by the verbal attack and shared their thoughts in the comments. 

One viewer responded: “Plenty of people wear bikinis smaller than yours, it’s because you’re a tourist.”

Another added: “That’s when you just put your sunglasses on and ignore them. They should mind their own business.”

“We really just don’t like tourists but this is wrong as a local, I am sorry. The local girls here wear the exact same,” a third wrote.

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