‘Humiliated’ Woman Told She Was ‘Too Fat’ To Ride On Rollercoaster

Credit: @ilenenasfit/TikTok
Credit: @ilenenasfit/TikTok

A woman has claimed she was left ‘humiliated’ after being told she was ‘too fat’ to ride on a rollercoaster. 

Illene Nasseri recently took to TikTok to open up about the incident which left her in tears.

In the clip, which has been viewed over 950,000 times, she said: “Imagine being excited to go to the amusement park, just to be told you can’t ride the rollercoaster because you’re ‘too fat’.”

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The woman visited a theme park and was told she was ‘too fat’ to get on a rollercoaster. Credit: @ilenenasfit/TikTok

She added: “I got a long way to go. Talk about a wake-up call.”

Although Nasseri didn’t elaborate on where or when the incident took place, many of her 181,000 followers took to the comments to share their support.

One person said: “Disney World is very size-inclusive!”

Another added: “I rode Hagrids at Universal and barely fit. I had to punch the lap bar down. How are they gonna make a ride about a big man but it doesn’t fit big people?!”

“That’s why I hate small parks,” a third wrote. “They don’t even think about it. I stick to Disney because of stuff like this.”

However, some people pointed out that it was probably to do with health and safety measures that will have been put in place for her protection.

One person said: “I work at an amusement park as a ride operator and it always breaks my heart when I have to tell them they cannot ride.”

@ilenenasfitI got a long way to go. Talk about a wakeup call 🙃 ##weightlossjourney ##weightloss ##weightlossmotivation ##bingeedrecovery ##caloriedeficit♬ I got me cryin like that – bigqueef

Since the clip has gone viral, Nasseri has taken to the comments and added further information.

She claimed: “Hi besties, I appreciate all the kind words. It was just a moment of weakness. I was embarrassed but I’ll use it as motivation for the future.

“And to answer questions, it wasn’t a weight limit. The seatbelt on multiple rides would not far enough buckle so I wasn’t allowed to ride.”

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