Woman Claims She’s ‘Too Hot’ To Have Female Friends

Credit: @thisismoriahmills/Instagram & ITV

A woman has claimed she’s ‘too hot’ to have female friends as they’re all ‘jealous’ of her looks. 

Moriah Mills, from Atlanta, Georgia, appeared on Wednesday’s episode of This Morning and admitted she’s never had a group of girls to hang out with, as they all think she’s going to ‘steal their husbands’.

The 27-year-old said: “I’ve had female friends before, but as I grew up and cared more about my appearance the friends have become less and less.

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“I’ve had women tell me they don’t want me around because their husband is looking at me.”

The OnlyFans star continued: “I don’t go after other people’s husbands but I get attention when we go out for brunch. Other people’s husbands have come on to me in the past.”

When presenter Holly Willoughby asked Mills whether she has guy friends, she revealed that they ‘sometimes have an agenda’ which makes it difficult.

“I have lots of relationships with guys, but sometimes they have an agenda, often they try and shoot their shot,” she admitted.

Mills then said that people have always projected their ‘insecurities’ onto her, as she’s attractive.

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The woman claimed she’s ‘too hot’ to have female friends. Credit: ITV

The model claimed: “Women put their insecurities onto me, I get a lot of stares because my body stands out.

“I’ve asked for help before but people say it’s the way I look. I’ve never had surgery, it’s all-natural, I want to have a breast reduction.”

As Mills struggles to make friends, she said she avoids being ‘lonely’ by spending time with her pet and focusing on her career.

She added: “I’m single and focusing on my music and modelling career. It’s hard to meet genuine people.”

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