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Woman Sparks Debate After Not Telling Vegan Friend She’s ‘Eating Meat’

A woman has sparked a debate after telling her TikTok followers that she didn't tell her vegan friend she was obliviously 'eating meat'. 
Credit: @lilibilifili/TikTok

A woman has sparked a debate after telling her TikTok followers that she didn’t tell her vegan friend she was obliviously ‘eating meat’. 

The TikToker, who goes by the username @lilibilifili, shared a clip of her pal – who has been on a plant-based diet for ‘six years’ – tucking into a macaroon.

She captioned the post: “Bestie I’m afraid to tell you.”

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The woman apparently didn’t want to tell her vegan friend that she was ‘eating meat’ after six years on a plant-based diet. Credit: @lilibilifili/TikTok

Over in the video, it read: “My friend who is a vegan of six years is eating a macaroon for the first time and looks so happy I don’t want to tell her.”

The clip has since accumulated a whopping 1.4million views and thousands have taken to the comments, with many saying the woman should have told her friend the truth.

One wrote: “That’s not funny some people are vegan by religion it’s sad that you’re letting her make that mistake and destroy all her hard work.”

“Just because she’s happy doesn’t mean it’s alright if I had a vegan friend and they were about to eat something they aren’t supposed to without knowing I would have told them,” added another.

A fellow vegan pitched in, saying: “Always tell us, we are vegan for a reason.”

@lilibilifili bestie i’m afraid to tell you this #vegan #ITriedItIPrimedIt #disneyplusvoices ♬ original sound – lili

However, others took to the comments and defended the woman, arguing that it was the responsibility of her friend to check whether the macaroon was plant-based.

Defending her, one commented: “Bestie, it’s on her for not asking before eating it.”

In agreement, a second penned: “As a vegetarian, stuff like this just happens sometimes! When you’ve been vegan/veg for so long, you know that mistakes will happen. It’s okay.”

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