Woman Goes Viral With Tattoo That ‘Plays Favourite Song’

A woman has gone viral on social media by getting a tattoo that 'plays her favourite song'. 
Credit: @itsymarah/TikTok

A woman has gone viral on social media by getting a tattoo that ‘plays her favourite song’.

Tymarah Emily recently took to TikTok and uploaded a clip of herself getting a new inking on her arm.

In the clip, she says: “When you definitely just made the best decision of your life… Tell me I’m wrong.”

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The woman’s tattoo will ‘play her favourite song’ when she scans it on Spotify. Credit: @itsymarah/TikTok

In the video, Emily can be seen getting a QR code tattoo of the song ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth.

Whenever she scans the inking on Spotify, the iconic tune will be played out, which everyone pretty much associates with the movie Shrek.

So far, the TikToker’s clip has accumulated a whopping 9.4million views and thousands have taken to the comments.

Many people have shared their concern that eventually, the QR will become ‘obsolete’.

One viewer commented: “This is like getting a QR code on your arm. Obsolete in 5-10 years.”

Another asked: “What happens when they discontinue this feature?”

“Imagine if Spotify does an update and it doesn’t work anymore,” a third said.

A fourth commented: “Let’s hope Spotify’s servers are still up and running 40 years down the line.”

@itstymarah If every comment is “your wrong” I’m going to die LOL #shrek #spotifywrapped ♬ original sound – Tymarah Emily

However, the majority of people thought the tattoo was ‘hilarious’ and Spotify even commented on the post, adding: “You are, in fact, an all-star.”

Praising Emily, one said: “When they ask you what your theme song is and you just show them your tattoo. Yesssss.”

“The fact that this artist was this precise and the app recognised it,” added another. “Absolutely amazing. Props to them. Amazing idea.”

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