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Woman Claims It’s ‘Crucially Important’ To Have Sex On First Date

A woman has claimed it's 'crucially important' to have sex on the first date.
Credit: @eveculling/TikTok

A woman has claimed it’s ‘crucially important’ to have sex on the first date.

TikToker @eveculling took to the platform to share her advice after she waited for 10-15 dates to sleep with the most recent guy she was dating.

In the clip, which has amassed a staggering 26million views, she said: “So, I recently was seeing this guy, we were taking things slow, we probably had like 10-15 dates before actually having sex.

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The TikToker shared her first date advice on the platform in a video that has amassed 26 million views. Credit: @eveculling/TikTok

“Before we had sex, I asked him, I was like, ‘Hey, so what do you like during sex, do you have any like kinks?’ He was like, ‘No, I don’t really have any kinks, nothing crazy’.”

Evie said she was then ‘instantly turned off’ by the man’s ‘dirty talk,’ and is now urging others not to ‘waste their time’ by following in her footsteps and waiting.

She continued: “So we go to have sex, at first it was fine. His d**k was fine, he was fine and then he starts to dirty talk.

“Now I know what you’re thinking, dirty talk is sexy, dirty talk is hot – I agree completely, but this man did not do your typical… he could have said anything other than what he said.

After this, she reenacted their exchange, saying:  “I’m him, ‘Yeah, yeah, you want me to get you pregnant? Yeah, you want me to put a baby in you so everyone knows you’re mine, yeah you want me to get you pregnant?

“Now I don’t kink shame, but what the f**k, what the f**k, first time having sex, I asked you about your kinks, you didn’t think you should tell me that? You don’t just spring that on somebody.

“That is the least sexy thing you could possibly say. Also then, he was like, ‘Talk back, talk back, say something,’ What the f**k do you want me to say?

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“‘Yeah, you wanna pay for my abortion? You wanna be a single dad, yeah?’ What the f***?”

The TikToker then revealed that she dumped him straight away, adding: “Months of getting to know this guy, getting deep with him, getting personal with him. Out the door.

“Have sex on the first date. You heard it here first. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re welcome.”

Some users on the social media site took to the comments to share their similar experiences. One said: “Omg I went through the same situation once! I never saw him again!”

While another added: “I did this years ago on my second date, and today we are getting married. It works people!”

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