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Woman Who Dates Rich Men Says They Make ‘Terrible Lovers’ So She Can’t Settle With Them

A woman has recently shared that she has dated rich men and has found that they more often than not make “terrible lovers” which means it impossible to settle down with them. 

Jana Hocking, a writer, has written a piece for news.com.au in which she has shared how she has dated “very financially comfortable” men who have lived lavish lifestyles. From the “gorgeous house” and “beautiful black Range Rover”, you’d think she had found the ideal man who could provide for her at some point.

However, the 34-year-old has confirmed that money can’t buy you love as she found that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be dating a very rich man.

Initially, Jana thought that she had met a “unicorn” when she met her affluent ex-partner, as it appeared “too good to be true”. Yet as time passed, she realised this wasn’t the case.

Despite her friends even raving about him and many saying she had hit the jackpot, Jana found that he had become “too agreeable”.

Instagram: @jana_hocking

The Aussie woman admitted that throughout the relationship, she felt he would let her get away with anything and all the decisions were up to her. Although this may sound perfect to some women, Jana wanted more.

As Jana’s ex could give it her all, he would let her “choose the restaurants”, “where [they] away for the weekend” and let her “push the boundaries”.

The writer admitted: “I’d stay out too late, not tell him where I was, cancel plans at the last minute. I know, I know, I was the actual worst.”

Knowing that she could have settled down with the wealthy man if she had wanted to, she felt she needed someone who had a little more backbone when it came to making the decisions.

Accepting the fact she would have to give up some of the finer things in life, Jana decided for herself, she would need to leave him.

Instagram: @jana_hocking

Jana explained: “I knew that by breaking up with him I wasn’t just giving up a boyfriend, I was giving up a comfortable life…

“I was giving up a beautiful house in exchange for my one-bedroom apartment.

“I was giving up the opportunity to get married and start a family with a bloke who actually wanted those things as well. With me.”

Regardless of losing out financially, Jana still is happy with the decision she has made.

She added: “Is the financial gain worth just putting up with someone as opposed to being in love with them? Sadly it is not.”

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