Woman Who Is Battling Cancer Is Hit With Whopping $34,927 Hospital Bill After Being Treated For Coronavirus

An uninsured woman who is battling cancer has now been hit with a whopping medical bill of $34,927 after being treated for coronavirus. 

Danni Askini, who is battling with lymphoma, was tested positive for coronavirus after experiencing symptoms and has now been charged $34,927 in medical bills after being treated.

At the end of February, Danni said she started to experience symptoms of the virus visited ER on February 29 at the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, where she was initially denied testing for the potentially deadly virus.

According to the hospital bill that she shared to her Twitter page, she also visited the same ER on March 1, where again she was denied the chance to test for COVID-19.

It wasn’t until her third visit on March 6 that she was allowed to be tested for after her symptoms had become much worse.

During her first visit to the hospital, Danni had not been insured as she and her husband were planning on moving to Washington, DC, where she was about to start a new job, according to Time. Before this point, she had been in between jobs.

When Danni’s treatment for coronavirus finally ended, she received a bill that totalled $34,927.43.

She told the news site: “I was pretty sticker-shocked.

“I personally don’t know anybody who has that kind of money.”

In a tweet, Danni decided to share a tweet of her hospital bill as she revealed that the COVID-19 test alone cost her $907.

She tweeted: “I got excellent care, I am immunocompromised, but this will take a decade to pay off.”

Since her story has been shared, she has even tweeted President Donald Trump, asking him to ‘please help’.

Her treatment and testing began before congress passed a bill that would mean people would be provided with free testing for coronavirus.

She has since re-applied for Medicaid in the hopes that the program will retroactively cover her extortionate bills.

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