Woman Who Sold Her Own Bathwater To Men Has Announced Her Return To YouTube

Internet personality Belle Delphine has announced that she will be returning to her YouTube channel after being out of the spotlight for around a year. In 2019, the young woman became viral after she announced that she would be selling her used bathwater online. 

Mary-Belle Kirschner, who goes by the name Belle Delphine, is a popular internet personality who has announced her official comeback to YouTube. Last year, she became known worldwide for selling her bathwater online.

The 20-year-old shared a video to announce her comeback, in which she rapped: “You were thinking I died? B*tch surprise.”

In the description of the video, she shared a link to her OnlyFans page and included other links to her new social media channels.

Instagram: @bele_delphine

The South African English model began posting videos of herself in 2018 and 2019. In them, she would model and do cosplay, her content has been described as “exceptionally weird stunts that seem to be satirizing the whole idea of sexiness” by Complex.

She gained even more attention when she stated that she would be creating a PornHub if she received one million Instagram likes. Overjoyed by the news, her fans made it happen. Unfortunately for them, it turned out to be joke videos.

However, after creating the account she announced that she would be selling her used bathwater online for $30 a jar, she named her ‘product’ GamerGirl Bath Water. It wasn’t long before it sold out.

Instagram: @bele_delphine

After selling an entire tub of bathwater, she confirmed that she had pocketed $10,000 from her unusual concept.

Yet in July 2019, the internet personality was banned from Instagram as it was confirmed that she had breached the social media platform’s community guidelines. Apparently, she had been reported for images that involved “nudity and pornographic content”.

Since the incident, Belle has become incredibly quiet on social media, having only posted a few times. The following month, she told fans she had contracted food poisoning whilst holidaying in Greece and she had been hospitalised.

Instagram: @bele_delphine

In October, she said she had been arrested following an incident in which her hamster was stolen. When she discovered who had stolen her pet, she spray-painted her car in revenge.

This year, she posted in March that she had had her Instagram account temporarily disabled but fortunately, she had managed to recover it.

In recent news, a woman claims to be a 600-year-old vampire who has tasted human blood. The “Dame of Darkness” says she has to avoid sunlight at all costs and enjoys taking part in rituals and watching films about vampires.

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