Woman Pulls Out Of ‘Worst Date Ever’ By ‘Faking Positive Covid Test’

A woman claims she pulled out of the 'worst date ever' by 'faking a positive Covid test'.
Credit: @tin.tin__1/TikTok

A woman claims she pulled out of the ‘worst date ever’ by ‘faking a positive Covid test’.

Kali recently took to TikTok and told followers that she ‘faked’ a text telling her that her PCR test was positive, by getting her friend to send her’s over.

Recalling what happened, she said: “Probably the worst f***ing date I’ve ever been on in my life.

Woman Finds ‘Hidden Message’ On Toilet After First Date

The woman claims she pulled out of the ‘worst date ever’ by ‘faking a positive Covid test’. Credit: @tin.tin__1/TikTok

“So to get out of it, cos I was like ‘I need to leave, I cannot spend any more time here,’ I went to the toilet and got my friend to send me a fake covid positive test text.”

The TikToker continued: “I changed her name to the NHS. I went down and was like ‘Oh my God. look, you’re not going to believe it, my test is positive’.”

After her date asked her what she planned to do next, Kali told him ‘she would have to go home’.

The Tiktoker then shared the text message that she had got her friend to send over.

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It read: “Your coronavirus lateral flow test result was positive. It’s likely you are infectious. Find out at and read ‘Self-isolation and treating symptoms’.

She then finished off her video by saying: “And then after that, I went to a club with my friend, and I slept with somebody anyway.”

Despite the inconsistency with ‘PCR’ and ‘lateral flow,’ it appears the text still managed to fool her date.

Noticing the error, one user commented: “Should have been PCR, not lateral flow for f*** sake. That’s the home test.”

Another added: “Nah, this lad will see this. Why can’t you just say it’s not going well and be honest?”

However, in defence of the young woman, a third jokingly said: “The girls that get it get it.”

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