Woman’s ‘Hilarious’ Festival Outfit Sparks Huge Debate

Credit: @jackremmington/TikTok

A woman’s ‘hilarious’ festival outfit has gone viral and is now causing a debate on TikTok.

Podcast host Jack Remmington took to social media and shared a clip of a ‘fashion icon’ he met at an outdoor event who was wearing Pasante condom packets as earrings.

He captioned the post: “Absolutely obsessed with this fashion icon I met last night.”

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The woman’s ‘hilarious’ festival outfit has gone viral and is now causing a debate as she wore condom packets as earrings. Credit: @jackremmington/TikTok

The video has since gained over 150,000 views and many people have taken to the comments and praised her for being ‘safe’.

One person said: “At least she’s safe.”

Tagging a friend, a second commented: “We need to get some for Parklife.”

“Brilliant idea,” a third said. “But there are only two? Are there more to be found?”

However, some people said they weren’t a fan of the idea and argued it was ‘inappropriate’.

One Tiktoker remarked: “Hope her parents don’t see this.”

@jackremmingtonAbsolutely obsessed with this icon I met last night

♬ original sound – jack rem x

After reading this particular comment, Remmington defended the woman and asked why it should be something to be ashamed of.

He said: “Why would you not want her to practise sex? Not sure I understand your comment.”

Speaking of festivals, a woman reportedly ‘lost her fingertip’ when she attending Reading.

It all happened when she went to watch rapper Aitch and found herself stuck in the middle of a ‘mosh pit’.

She explained: “So me and my friends went to Reading Festival and waited an hour and a half for Aitch and as the time got closer and closer more people started flooding in.

“As Aitch came on stage a huge mosh pit formed and we got caught at the back of the mosh pit.

“As it formed I was slammed into the fence and as I looked down my finger had been clamped in between two of the fences.

“There were so many people trying to get the fence apart and free my finger and because of the adrenaline, I didn’t feel any pain as it was happening.

“I was in and out of consciousness and kept fainting throughout.”

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