Woman’s Proposal To Boyfriend Of 11 Years Ends In Disaster

Proposal Disaster

A woman decided to take the plunge and propose to her boyfriend of eleven years, but it ended in complete disaster.

Sadie King, 23, from Norwich, opened up about what happened in a video that ended up going viral.

In the clip, she says: “So tonight is the night that I’m proposing to my boyfriend. “It’s currently my birthday and he should be coming round just after midnight.”

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She then revealed she had decorated her home with confetti, balloons and photographs of them both and told her followers she would report back to let them know how it went.

However, by half twelve there was still no sign of him.

She attempted to call him several times but he didn’t answer.

Updating her followers, she said: “It’s now three o’clock in the morning. I got hold of him. I went to pick him up and… then he blocked my number.

“So that’s eleven years and a child down the drain.”

After uploading the clip to social media, Sadie received hundreds of supportive messages from strangers.

One read: “It was your birthday and Valentine’s Day yet he didn’t show up even though you’ve been together for 11 years and have a child together?

“You couldn’t get hold of him for hours and then he blocks your number?

“Set your bar higher because if he wanted to marry you he would have proposed already.”

Featured Image Credit: ARK Media

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