Woman’s Waist Measures Just 13.7 Inches – Making It One Of The Smallest In The World

A woman from Southeast Asia has a waist that measures just 13.7 inches, making it one of the tiniest waists in the world. 

Su Naing, from Myanmar, Southeast Asia, claims that she has a waist with the circumference of only 13.7 inches, which would mean that she has one of the smallest waists in the world.

The 23-year-old claims that her waist comes from having a naturally slender frame and petite proportions.

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Proud of her tiny frame, the student often shares pictures of her enviably small waist onto Instagram. Although she receives tons of likes and compliments on her posts, saying things such as she has a “wonderful figure”, the woman has faced accusations of photoshopping her images to look even smaller. Some have even said that she must have had her ribs removed.

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Regardless of the negative comments, Su has insisted that her body is completely natural and is all down to her healthy diet and genetically small frame.

According to the NHS, a “healthy” waist size is 31.5 inches or less.

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The world’s current record for the smallest waist is held by Ethel Grander, who was from the UK, who holds the Guinness World Record, as her waist measured just 13 inches.

Ethel Grander. Credit: Unknown

However, this had been a lifetime ambition for Ethel and she had to have waist training to make her figure so hourglass. She wore corsets on a regular basis in order to maintain her frame.

Based on reports, Su’s waist size has not been verified.

In other news, a woman has been dubbed ‘Muscle Barbie’, as she is a record-breaking powerlifting champion. The woman, from Russian, claims that she can squat 275kg of weight, despite only weighing 65kg.

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