World War Three May Be Triggered ‘At Any Time’ As China Enters Taiwan Airspace

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World War Three may be triggered ‘at any time,’ as China has reportedly entered Taiwan’s airspace, according to the Global Times.

From October 1 to 4, China is believed to have sent over 149 aircraft to its neighbour. However, the planes kept their distance from the mainland and no shots were fired.

According to the stated-back newspaper, Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan’s defence minister, has claimed that tensions are high, commenting that the situation is ‘the most severe’ it’s been in over 40 years.

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It’s been reported that the White House has also been implicated in the situation, with claims China has accused the US and Taiwan of ‘audacious collusion’.

Apparently, the county has warned its neighbour that it’s ‘playing with fire,’ as well as accusing America of selling Taiwan weapons.

As the East Asian country is being threatened by China, it’s reportedly requested help from Australia.

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World War Three may be triggered ‘at any time,’ as China has reportedly entered Taiwan’s airspace. Credit: Pexels

Australian Strategic Policy Institute senior analyst Michael Davis told Sky News that ‘we shouldn’t kid ourselves’ a war won’t happen.

“It’s a possibility,” he said. “We shouldn’t kid ourselves that that sort of major-power conflict couldn’t happen.”

He added: “We have to be ready for it – the alternative to do nothing is to basically let China have its way in the Indo-Pacific region and that would be almost catastrophic.”

Over the weekend, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu also claimed Taiwan may need help from Australia.

He explained: “We would like to engage in security or intelligence exchanges with other like-minded partners, Australia included, so Taiwan is better prepared to deal with the war situation.

“We have been discussing with each other privately for quite some time and we understand the Australian support and we appreciate the Australian support.”

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